Faculty Qualifications Management System (FQMS)

Review and certification of teaching qualifications is conducted in the Faculty Qualifications Management System (FQMS), which can be accessed through the myUCF portal. Access to the FQMS should be requested from the department and/or college via email.

Once logged in to myUCF, select:

StaffApplications>>>Campus Solutions>>>Main Menu>>>FQMS Custom>>>FQMS eForms Home Page

Recommended/Supported Browser Requirements

  • Firefox 24, 30
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11
  • Safari 6, 7
  • Chrome 35

Not supported: Safari 5.1, other browsers, or browser versions

If you need assistance with FQMS navigation and/or training, please contact Brett Morrison.

Submitting an eFQMS form

Reviewing an eFQMS form

Things to Remember When Completing an eFQMS Faculty Teaching Certification

FQMS Teaching Certification Workflow