New Academic Programs and Units

This page contains information on the regulations and procedures for proposing new academic degree programs and graduate certificates as well as the procedures for proposing new academic units (e.g. department, school), and new centers and institutes at the University of Central Florida.


Academic Degree Programs and Graduate Certificates

New academic degree program authorization at UCF follows the Board of Governors of the State University System of Florida criteria and administrative processes outlined in Regulation 8.011, “Authorization of New Academic Degree Programs and Other Curricular Offerings.”  This a multi-phase process that begins with the development of a new academic degree program pre-proposal and ends with the new degree’s inclusion on the SUS Degree Inventory. Curriculum creation and new degree development initiates with the faculty members of a given unit, and proceeds through multiple levels of faculty and administrative review before final approval and implementation. This process ensures that the planned degree or certificate is of the highest quality and aligned with the strategic plans of both the SUS Board of Governors and UCF.

Academic Units

Creating a new academic department (or school) requires approval by the requesting dean as well as the provost and executive vice president. Once approved by the dean, requests should be submitted on the form provided and submitted to the Associate Provost for Academic Program Quality for review by academic affairs, MH 338.

Institutes and Centers

Institutes and Centers at UCF help support the mission of the university and play a vital role in facilitating multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and collaboration. Appropriate approvals must be obtained prior to implementation. Please review UCF Regulation 2.035 and Board of Governors Regulation 10.015 for more detail on the criteria and guidelines for establishing institutes and centers at UCF and in the state of Florida.

Once you are ready to initiate the proposal process, please review UCF’s Center and Institute Proposal Package and submit the complete proposal to the Associate Provost for Academic Program Quality for review by academic affairs, MH 338.