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This resource is intended to help students, applicants, and prospects better understand the connection that many UCF programs have to state-regulated professional licensure or certification. While specific requirements can and often do vary by state, typically, requirements include earning a degree or other educational credential in the field from an institution and program that meet certain eligibility requirements in that state (e.g., accredited status). To be eligible to apply for licensure or certification, graduates must often meet additional criteria such as passing a state or national exam, working in field for a minimum period of time, and/or completing a certain number of clinical hours.

The UCF programs listed below provide preparation for practicing in fields in which state-regulated professional licensure or certification may be available. If your career plans include pursuing state-regulated licensure or certification in your chosen field, it is important to become educated on the credentialing requirements of the state in which you hope to practice. This page serves as a starting point to help connect you to this information. Clicking on the program of interest below will open a PDF detailing additional information about the preparation provided by the program. In some instances, the university is not able to confirm whether or not the program meets educational eligibility requirements in a particular state. The PDF disclosure also has contact information for program personnel who can help answer specific questions in this regard and who will do their best to connect you to the credentialing requirements of the state in which you intend to practice. Additionally, contact information for associated state licensing boards is provided at the bottom of this page.

State Licensing Board Contact Information Links



Speech-Language Pathology

Physical Therapy

Athletic Training

Clinical Pathology