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UCF is committed to employing qualified faculty members to achieve standards of excellence in teaching, research, and service. As part of UCF’s continued accreditation by SACSCOC, for each of its educational programs, the university is required to justify and document the qualifications of its faculty members (Principles of Accreditation 6.2.a). The resources published here provide an overview of the university’s policies and procedures for ensuring continuous compliance.

Faculty Qualifications Management System

Certification of faculty teaching qualifications is conducted via the Faculty Qualifications Management System (FQMS), which may be accessed through the myUCF portal. Access to the FQMS may be requested, via email, by authorized college- or unit-level personnel.

Discipline Descriptions

Each of the university’s academic units develops and maintains an internal policy document, or discipline description, that articulates commonly accepted teaching qualifications standards for the fields represented within the unit. For a list of the university’s discipline descriptions and associated teaching qualifications standards, click here.

Forms and Resources